You will find course descriptions and contact information for members and organizations that teach woodturning techniques. When possible prices will be listed.

Ron Fleming 

Basic turning and carving techniques. Learn methods of design applied to the vessel form. Learn to use the Fordom, Dremel, and many other types of power carving tools.


Bob Fulton


Tulsa Technology Center

Instructor Larry Elizondo

Course Description: Tulsa Technology Center Woodturning-is a course designed for a beginning turner or curious individual who is not sure about woodturning. The focus will be familiarization with tools, their use, and care. The student will be introduced to a comprehensive set of skills and techniques necessary to become an avid woodturner. The class will also cover lathes, tools, and accessory purchase options. Students will have tool and accessory purchase discount privileges at a local supplier. 

To enroll, contact the Lemley Campus (3420 S. Memorial), 828-1100. The course will be held at the Lemley Campus on Monday evenings, 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. between Feb 23 through May 3rd 2004 including time off for campus closure during holidays. All tools, accessories, and wood will be provided. Access to a lathe between classes is not necessary but recommended.

Oren Zehner

Specialties:  Professional instructor teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced woodturning.  Willing to teach in your shop, my shop, individually or up to a group of three people.  Classes on Spindle turning, bowl turning, miniatures, bowls, and sharpening, chucking methods, harvesting and drying wood.  A variety of projects will be used to fit your needs.  Will tailor the classes to your individual interest or need.  

Home 258-1075, Cell 671-8303, Work phone 828-1062



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