Dear Woodturning Club

I am writing this letter to inform you of some exciting workshops I have scheduled for this year. I would appreciate it if you could let your club members know about these. As always I have my standard three-day intensive workshops scheduled through out the year and I have also added two special workshops that you may be interested in. I will be co-teaching a workshop with Ron Fleming as well as one with Ron Gerton. The dynamic that is created during these co-teaching workshops is very exciting. The descriptions for these workshops are as follows:

Turning and Carving with Ron Fleming and Trent Bosch is scheduled for July 8-11 2004. The focus of this workshop will be on the carving the turned form from inception through completion. Ron uses very detailed illustrations to guide him though the carving process while I work more free form with only general concepts to guide me. In this workshop participant can expect to learn how to turn pieces that will be carved on, making sure to leave enough wood to allow you to develop the carving fully. You will then be introduced to a plethora of carving tools, opening up doors that will allow you to create objects you never imagined possible. From concept to reality this workshop will be one not to miss.

Casting Bronze for Woodturners with Ron Gerton and Trent Bosch is scheduled for August 9-12 2004. The focus of this workshop will be on creating a piece or parts of a piece to cast into bronze. By use of the lost wax or lost wood technique. Ron creates wonderful stands for his turnings using sagebrush that he casts into bronze. I have been casting parts and actual pieces for my sculptural work for the past 2 years and believe that combining these media offer exciting options for woodturners. In this workshop you can expect to learn about all the processes involved in the casting of bronze and how you can set up a small backyard foundry of your own. There will also be plenty of time for learning new techniques for turning. I am sure participants will walk away with more ideas than they will ever have time to explore.

Both of these 4-day workshops are held in my studios in Fort Collins, Colorado. There is a maximum of 8 participants per workshop, so space is limited. It will be important to register early. The cost for these special events will be $650.00 that includes three meals a day and all the materials you will need and then some.

For further information please go to under workshops then under Co-Workshops or you can contact me via email or phone. I am sure you will agree these are events not to be missed. Hope to see you in Fort Collins this summer. Thanks for your help spreading the word. 

Happy Turning, 

Trent Bosch





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