BOARD MEETING: May 6th.  2004 

HOST: Larry Elizondo’s Handyman Connection 


Guy Timmons, Larry Anderson, Yar Senoj (AKA Ray Jones), Oren Zehner, Jack Cress, Lyle Dragoo, Bob Fulton, Maurice Clyma, Mike Mitchell, Ray Richardson, Tim Yoder, Almeta Robertson, Paul Nelson, John Thompson, Bob Galloway, Bill Evans, Ron Fleming, Ken Hager, and Bob Hawks. 


1.       A short business session.

2.       Show and Tell. 

3.       Our featured guest will be Bob Flexner.  He will be discussing different types of wood finishes, if you have any questions this will be the time to ask them.  If you recall Bob Flexner and Allen Lacer are in the process of putting a book together about finishing for the woodturner.  


1.        Our membership now stands at 81 members.

2.        A build date has been selected for the construction of the club’s storage unit; we will meet at Tulsa Technology Center, woodworking shop at 9am, Saturday, May 22nd.  Oren Zehner will provide the use of the schools shop equipment, however we will need to bring some screw guns and hand tools.  If you wish to volunteer for this project please contact Mike Mitchell at 343-2012.

3.        Bob Galloway gave an update on the Wonderful World of Woods event in July, more information to follow.

4.        The annual picnic is on the 22nd of May, at Haikey Creek Park at 4:30pm rain or shine.  We have three covered spaces.  If you miss the April meeting and wish to attend the picnic, please contact Almeta Robertson.   P.S. Feel free to bring a dessert.  Tim Yoder will try to post a map to Haikey Creek on the website.

5.        The Blue Dome Art Festival will be held on May 14th, 15th, and 16th.  We be setting up on Friday, the festival will open that evening, and we will be doing woodturning demo’s Saturday and Sunday from 8:30am to 5:30pm.  We will need some volunteers and we are asking for some donated items to be sold as a club fundraiser, the items should be quality pieces, those unsold items can be returned to the donator.  If you can spare the time to help or have an item to donate, please contact Bob Hawks at 743-4901.

6.        Bob Fulton will be doing a presentation at the city hall in Gore, Saturday, May 8th.  If you are interested in assisting Bob with these presentations, please contact him.  This is a club function your support will be greatly appreciated.


1.        May’s general membership meeting, May 18th, the nominating committee will present a slate of candidates for next years officers. A motion was made and passed that nomination from the floor will remain open until the July meeting; all nominees must agree to serve.

2.        The April tickets will be combined with the May tickets with additional prizes for the drawing. 

3.        Tim Yoder discussed the pros and cons of placing ads our website.  Member’s ads are free, limit of 75 words and images, no more than five (5) ads.  Non-members will be asked to pay a fee or join the club.  Commercial ads or sponsors fees based on page location.  Additional discussion will be held during the June Board meeting.

4.        Bob Hawks will present a seminar on how to photograph your woodturnings to the club in Fayetteville, Ark on the 19th of June, check with Bob about the time and location if you are interest in attending.  


The next board meeting is scheduled for June 1st, at 7pm at Handyman Connection, 5401 So. Sheridan, Suite 301, Braniff Mart, Tulsa. 

Meeting adjourned.



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