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Fantastic Show and Tell! Over 80 items!

Photography by Jack Cooper

DSC00450.jpg (43089 bytes)

Jim Vander Lind

Mesquite Burl Vessel 9"x12"


DSC00451.jpg (34114 bytes)

Jack Cooper

Natural Edge Maple Bowls 5"x6"

DSC00452.jpg (55361 bytes)

Jack Cooper

Carob Pepper Mill 6"x2"

DSC00453.jpg (25055 bytes)

James Johnson

Sycamore Bowl 1.5"x7" Poplar Vessel 7"x3.5"


DSC00454.jpg (33462 bytes)

James Johnson

Box Elder Bowl 5"x9"


DSC00455.jpg (27265 bytes)

James Johnson

Box Elder Bowl 2.5"x9"

DSC00456.jpg (22845 bytes)

William Shaw

Maple Bowl 18"x12"

DSC00457.jpg (16785 bytes)

Bob Fulton

Bodark Vase 9"x3"

DSC00458.jpg (59129 bytes)

Bob Galloway

Walnut Vase "Bloomin' Vase" 12"x4.5"

DSC00459.jpg (65457 bytes)

Bob Galloway

Walnut and Tupelo Carved Vase "Progeny" 10"x6"

01290012.jpg (29437 bytes)

Wayne Furr

Tagua Nut Miniatures

     Vase 1"x.75",     Bowl .25"x1.25"

DSC00461.jpg (35685 bytes)

Jack Hill

Christmas Ornaments and  Earrings 

DSC00462.jpg (26322 bytes)

Almeta Robertson

China Berry Bowl & Cherry Bowl

DSC00463.jpg (18943 bytes)

Almeta Robertson

Round Nose Scraper Oak Handle "1st Tool Handle"

DSC00464.jpg (34779 bytes)

Rozetta Howard

Box Elder Burl Twist Ballpoint Pen

DSC00465.jpg (35924 bytes)

Rozetta Howard

Bottle Stoppers: Mahogany, Osage Orange, Padauk

Cocobolo Bud Vase 3.5"x2.5"


DSC00466.jpg (27733 bytes)

Ray Richards

Walnut Box

DSC00467.jpg (39712 bytes)

Edward Jednacz

Bowls: Cocobolo & Pecan

DSC00468.jpg (34256 bytes)

Doug Hyde

Segmented Bowls: Walnut 4"x6.25", Mahogany 3"x8"

DSC00469.jpg (26736 bytes)

Doug Hyde

Segmented Bowls: Walnut/Maple 3"x6.5", Box Elder/Bloodwood 3.25"x7", Maple/Alder 3"x7"

DSC00470.jpg (24199 bytes)

Doug Hyde

Pine and Maple Segmented Bowl 3.75"x11.5"

DSC00471.jpg (27407 bytes)

Almeta Robertson

Popular Platter

DSC00472.jpg (27795 bytes)

Almeta Robertson

Carved Sycamore Tulip Vase (work in progress), Pear Vase "Onyx", Ash Lidded Box 


DSC00473.jpg (33895 bytes)

John  Thompson

Hollow Forms: Mesquite  5"x5", Cherry 5"x6", Mesquite 4"x3"

DSC00474.jpg (33782 bytes)

Les Casteel

Walnut Bowl 2"x9"

DSC00475.jpg (80180 bytes)

Joe Traynham

Buckeye Burl Vessel 9.5"x6"

DSC00476.jpg (33729 bytes)

John Thompson

Pecan Bowl 3"x9" Various Eggs,  Lidded Box and Miniature Tops



DSC00477.jpg (32910 bytes)

Roy Radschweit

Cedar Bowl 2.5"x9", Maple Tool Handle 12"x1", Segmented Bowl made with Hedge/Walnut/Box Elder/Cherry 4"x4"


DSC00478.jpg (22890 bytes)

Wayne Furr

Red Maple w/ Ambrosia Beetle Stain Vessel 7.5"x6"

DSC00479.jpg (40292 bytes)

Wayne Furr

Persimmon Vessel 7"x7.5"

DSC00480.jpg (39915 bytes)

Wayne Furr

Northfolk Island Pine 4"x8"

DSC00481.jpg (28694 bytes)

Wayne Furr

Pear Vessel 2.5"x4.5"

DSC00482.jpg (58375 bytes)

Wayne Furr

Persimmon Hollow Vessel 19.5"x6.5"

DSC00483.jpg (39351 bytes)

Jim Hartsell

Walnut Vessel & Parota Bowl

5"x7.5" & 9"x3.5"

DSC00484.jpg (62329 bytes)

Jim Hartsell

Walnut Goblet 2.75"x5"

DSC00485.jpg (32461 bytes)

Larry Elizondo

Sycamore Bowl 5"x12"

DSC00486.jpg (32963 bytes)

Larry Elizondo

Red Maple Bowl 5"x15"


DSC00487.jpg (31047 bytes)

Larry Elizondo

Box Elder Bowl 5"x14.5"

DSC00488.jpg (34152 bytes)Rozetta Howard

Canary wood Bowl 3"x8"


DSC00489.jpg (22842 bytes)

Paul D. Nelson

  Hard Maple Tool    Title: "1st Tool" 18"x1.5"

DSC00490.jpg (79625 bytes)

J.D. Mathis

      Mesquite Vase       14.5"x10"

DSC00491.jpg (65392 bytes)

J.D. Mathis

African Blackwood Vase 11"x7"

DSC00492.jpg (50536 bytes)

Beth Smathers

Hackberry Crotch, Pine Needles and Walnut Shell Basket


Echo.jpg (32356 bytes)

Ron Fleming

"Echo" Spalted Hackberry, turned and carved 8" high/ 15" long/9" deep




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