BOARD MEETING: June 1st, 2004 

HOST: Larry Elizondo’s Handyman Connection


Guy Timmons, Larry Anderson, Yar Senoj (AKA Ray Jones), Oren Zehner, Jack Cress, Lyle Dragoo, Maurice Clyma, Mike Mitchell, Ray Richardson, Paul Nelson, John Thompson, Bob Galloway, Ron Fleming, Larry Elizondo, Jim Hartsell, Jim Venderlind and Bob Hawks. 


1.       A short business session.

2.       Show and Tell.

3.       The feature event will be Bob Hawks; he will be discussing segmented bowls.  If you have any questions now will be the time to ask them.  


1.        Our membership now stands at 82 members.

2.        A new build date has not been selected for the construction of the club’s storage unit. If you wish to volunteer for this project please contact Mike Mitchell at 343-2012.

3.        Bob Galloway gave an update on the Wonderful World of Woods even t in July, more information to follow.

4.        The Blue Dome Art Festival was an unqualified success.   Bob Hawks and company brought in $805.00 from the sale of donated items; we thank all those who donated items on such a short notice.

5.        The annual picnic was a big success, the food was great and the company was even better.  Out of the 91 people who sign up, we had 72 show up.

6.        The English turner David Reeks, has not yet confirmed a date for July, we should have more information by the regular membership meeting.

7.        As a reminder, nomination for club officers will remain open until the membership meeting in July.

8.        Bob Hawks will present a seminar on how to photograph your woodturnings to the club in Fayetteville, Ark on the 19th of June, check with Bob about the time and location if you are interest in attending.


1.        Bob Hawks made a motion to have the club participate in the Cherry Brook Artz Festival, Saturday the 25th of September.  If accepted, we will ask for your participation and donated items.  Motion passed.

2.        Woodworkers Catalog has donated a $15.00 monthly gift certificate to the club.

3.        A motion was made to hold the annual picnic in May 2005 at Haikey Creek Park and have the affair catered.  Motion was passed.

4.        A motion was made to charge $5.00 per adult not to exceed $10.00 per family for next years catered picnic, fees will be payable at the meeting prior to the picnic.  The motion passed. 


The next board meeting is scheduled for July 6th, at 7pm at Handyman Connection, 5401 S. Sheridan, Suite 301, Braniff Mart, Tulsa.

Meeting adjourned.



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