BOARD MEETING:  January 6th, 2004

HOST:  Larry Elizondo


Lyle Dragoo, Bob Fulton, Bob Galloway, Guy Timmons, Ray Jones, Jack Cress, Mike Mitchell, Larry Elizondo, Oren Zehner, Tim Yoder, Ray Richardson, Maurice Clyma, James Staats, Jim Hartsell, Larry Anderson. Douglas Hyde, and Kenneth Hager.


The January 10th, meeting will be an all day clinic given by Trent Bosh.


  1. Our lathe tools are being updated by Jim Hartsell, who will be color coding them to match the lathes, Jim stated that he needed $300.00 to complete the update.  A motion was made and approved by the board.
  2. The Trent Bosh presentation will be held Saturday, Jan. 10th, this will replace the regular scheduled meeting.
  3. Allen Lacer will be presenting an all day clinic the first weekend in March; more information will be presented during the February meeting.  Allen Lacer will also be presenting some one-day classes, information will be provided at the February meeting.


  1. The February 17th meeting will feature Wayne Furr; he will give a presentation on wood harvesting and utilization.  Please come early for the best seat.
  2. A motion was made and passed to attend the organizational meetings for the Wonderful World of Woods show, on July 9th & 10th, at the fairgrounds.  This year’s show will not be in conjunction with the Affairs of the Heart show.  Those attending the meeting will be Jack Cress, Ray Jones, Bob Galloway and Oren Zehner.
  3. The issue with the club name was discussed and a motion was made to retain the original name, The Northeastern Oklahoma Woodturner’s Association as the club’s official name.  The club will also use (WNEO) Woodturner’s of Northeastern Oklahoma for promotional purposes, i.e. business cards, banners and the club web site.  The motion was made by Larry Anderson and approved by the board.
  4. A motion was made and approved to purchase additional green wood sealer.
  5. We are looking for an event coordinator for the up coming May picnic, we need a couple of volunteers.


The next board meeting is February 3rd, 2004, at 7pm at the home of Guy Timmons, 8702 S. Vandalia, Tulsa.  Meeting adjourned. 



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