Move up to a new lathe and want to sell the old one? Collected so much wood your better half is threatening to make a bonfire? Got three of the same tool sets for Christmas? Check this page regularly for members listings of items for sale or trade. 

I made a trip to Texas a couple of weeks ago and brought back a pickup load of mesquite. I had to pay for it so I'm hoping to sell enough to recoup my expenses. It is not green fresh cut wood. I would estimate that most of it was cut last summer and has been lying in a pile on a concrete slab (unsealed) since then. I'm asking 50 cents a pound if any one is interested. There are a variety of sizes, some diameters as big as 20 inches! Some virtually unchecked and some with more checking. The good stuff will go fast! Will bring several pieces to sell to the next meeting unless sold before then. People can contact me at 918-682-9589 (Muskogee).

Thanks much!

Jack Cooper

Deep hollowing bars for sale. Each is custom made from 48-72" LOA. Material is 1 3/8 diameter super tuff steel, with 3/4" tool holder socket in the end, secured with set screws. Price for this initial offering is $175.00 each. Contact: Billy Smith Metals Processing in Bartlesville: 918-336-8196.

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I just received 1600# of aussie burls. I have red mallee, yellow mallee, brown mallee, ,coolibah, white top, red gum & jarrah (all are burl caps) also white top, red gum, & jarrah slabs, all are $3.95 per pound (as cut weight) . I can be reached at work  259-8100 or at home 663-6312 or email 

Pat Renfro 

Large selection of Spalted Hackle berry, Box Elder Burl, Spalted Maple and more. Call Oren Zehner at 671-8303

Larry Elizondo and Oren Zehner are now in the Super Glue business. Here is the information about their products.

We carry a wide range of instant cure Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, and Accessories to apply them.  Our surface insensitive formulation of Cyanoacrylate bonds a wide variety of materials without primers.  Besides the best formulation in the market we have the most competitive prices.  We offer special package pricing to club members.  

Contact Larry Elizondo @ 918-830-2424 or Oren Zehner @ 918-671-8303 or e-mail us at TM offers.  Check out our website for more info: 

Click on the below links for specific information about:

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives       Instant cure, strong bond, highest quality

Accessories     Products that make using Cyanoacrylate Adhesives easy


Paul Brooks has some walnut for sale. In his email he mentioned the following...trees were blown down last summer. Were NOT touching the ground... beautiful stuff!!  Part of it is cut into 6' sections... also a couple of tree is not cut up yet, could cut as desired. We will sell any or all for whatever anyone is willing to pay. The trunks are approximately 13" to 17" in diameter and fairly straight. You can email Paul at 

Paul also had a man in Bartlesville cut some wood for him and he said he would cut for others too. His name is Clarence Ebel, 918-335-2467.

3500 board feet of walnut. 1 1/8" thick boards ranging up to 14" by 12'. Clear wood, no knots, cut and air dried for 6 years. $2 a board foot, better price purchase in bulk. Contact Stan Doyle 918-772-3024

A hardwood supplier in Pryor provided contact information. They list walnut, oak, pecan, cherry, cedar, and exotics both retail and wholesale. The contact information is: 

Grand River Hardwoods HCR 65, 

Box 259-4

Pryor, OK 74361


Wayne Gilstrap or Virgil Tipton



The club has purchase a bulk supply of sandpaper and sanding disks and is making them available to members at a wonderful price. The sandpaper is a high quality serrate coated paper, the red kind Paxton's used to sell. It is one of the best papers for sanding on a lathe. Sandpaper can only be bought at the monthly meetings.

12 sheets for $5.00....Grits 80, 100, 120, 150, 220, 400, & 600

10 Velcro Disks $3.00...2" available in 80, 100, 150, 220, 320

10 Velcro Disks $3.50...3" available in 80, 100, 150, 220, 320

2" and 3" mandrels, soft and hard $5.00 each


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