Minutes by Mike Mitchell

BOARD MEETING: February 3rd, 2004 

HOST: Guy Timmons  

ATTENDANCE:    Larry Anderson, Guy Timmons, Lyle Dragoo, Bob Fulton, Jack Cress, Larry Elizondo, Tim Yoder, Ray Jones, Ken Hager, Oren Zehner, John Thompson, Ron Fleming, Jim Hartsell, Maurice Clyma, Mike Mitchell, Bob Galloway, Bob Hawks, and Ray Richardson.


This month’s meeting will have three components;

1.        A short business meeting.

2.        A Show and Tell for members.

3.        The featured event will be wood harvesting and utilization and will feature Wayne Furr.  The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m., come early and get the best seat. 


1.        Allen Lacer will be conducting three all-day clinics, March 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  The clinic will cost $65.00 per person; there is limited space available.  If you are interested, contact Oren Zehner by phone or e-mail.  Allen will also conduct an all-day clinic on Saturday the 6th, at Larry Elizondo’s business location.  Handyman Connection, 5401 So. Sheridan, Suite 301, Tulsa.

2.        Wonderful World of Woods Show: Bob Galloway informed the board that the cost of the show would be $40.00 for a selling booth, if we do not sell the booth would be free.  I was suggested that we donate our supply of club items to the show.  It was also suggested that we do a turning demonstration during the event.


1.        A motion was made by Lyle Dragoo and Larry Elizondo to hold future membership meetings, board meeting and clinics at Larry’s place of business.  The location is on the south side of the Farm Shopping Center, that in addition to a good location, it offers a well-lit parking area.  The cost to the club will be the same as Ben Hill.  The first meeting at this location will be March 6th, Allen Lacer Demonstration and March 16th membership meeting.  Additional information will be provided at the February 17th membership meeting.  The Board passed this motion.

2.        Bob Hawks contacted the Tulsa Food Bank’s Open Bowl Charity Auction; they expressed an interest in having our club participate in their Mid-October Auction.  It is our goal to have bowls juried down to the top 25; the turners will be invited to the Mid-October diner and auction.  Bob will make additional information available at the regular membership meeting.  Lets have a great turn out and make the judge’s job difficult.  The board approved the motion.

3.        A motion was made to have Bob Galloway the Corporate State Agent; the board approved the motion.

4.        A motion was made to purchase two wireless video transmitters at a cost of $80.00 each, Tim Yoder will make the purchase: the board approved the motion.

5.        A motion was made and approved to purchase 2 new 32” TV's from Sam’s.

6.        A committee was formed to review the board voting procedures and report at the next board meeting.


The next board meeting is March 2nd, 2004, at 7p.m. At the home of Ken Hager, 5711 E. 62nd Place, Tulsa.




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