Article by Bob Hawks    Photos by Dan Combs

The Blue Dome Art Festival turned out to be quite a success. It was done with a minimum of work and the results were gratifying. We made $805.00 on the sale of donated pieces and tops which had been turned earlier. The credit goes to all of you who donated pieces and to the members who manned the booth and moved the equipment in and out every day. The workers were John Hill, Jack Cress, Ron Fleming, Guy Timmons, Bob Galloway, and Lyle Dragoo. We talked to a lot of prospective members as well as people who are interested in collecting wood pieces. The show was completely informal with approximately 80 artists set up in the street for 2 blocks. Several people commented that there was more good art in our show than in MayFest! Thanks again to everyone who donated time or pieces to sell. Bob Hawks

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