BOARD MEETING: April 6th.  2004 

HOST: Larry Elizondo 


Guy Timmons, Larry Anderson, Larry Elizondo, Yar Senoj (AKA Ray Jones), Oren Zehner, Jack Cress, Lyle Dragoo, Jim Hartsell, Bob Fulton, Maurice Clyma, Mike Mitchell, Ray Richardson, Tim Yoder, Almeta Robertson, Paul Nelson, John Thompson, Bob Galloway and Bob Hawks. 


1.       A short business session.

2.       Show and Tell. 

3.       We have Bob Fulton, Lyle Dragoo, Bob Galloway and Larry Anderson will have some of their many fixtures and jigs to discuss at the April membership meeting will be devoted to Jigs and Fixtures, which aids the tuner.  This can be item which attaches to the lathe, helps sharpen a tool, homemade tools, a new kind of cup holder, etc., I think you get the idea, so bring anything you have.  The more the merrier.  


1.        As a reminder, please pay your club dues.

2.        Bob Fulton will be doing a presentation at the city hall in Weber Falls, Saturday, April 17th, and at the city hall in Gore, Saturday, May 8th.  If you are interested in assisting Bob with these presentations, please see him at the membership meeting.  This is a club function your support will be greatly appreciated.

3.        The Texas Turners will be holding their annual symposium, October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. in Temple, Texas.  More information will be made available in the future.

4.        Maurice has completed the detailed drawing and materials list for the new storage unit, Oren Zehner has donated the use of the school shop to complete construction.  We will be asking for volunteers for a Saturday build, additional information will be posted to the web site or you can contact Mike Mitchell.

5.        The national AAW has asked if anyone want to join.  Applications will be available at the membership meeting.  If you want to turn at a club function, i.e. fair, demo’s etc. you must be a member of AAW, so the club is covered under their insurance.

6.        Strategy Committee headed by Larry Elizondo presented their findings of the recent survey to the board members and will present them to the membership during the April meeting.  You should find the information very interesting as to the type of club we want.

7.        The annual picnic is on the 22nd of May, at Hakey Creek Park.  A sign up sheet will be available at the April meeting.  PLEASE, EVERYONE SIGN UP WE NEED A HEAD COUNT, THIS IS A CATERED AFFAIR.  If you miss the meeting please contact Almeta Robertson.  P.S. Feel free to bring a dessert.


1.        We need someone to volunteer to head the Merchandise Committee, to sell the sandpaper, green wood, etc.

2.        Tim Yoder will be calling the KC Club to offer our club’s assistance during the National Symposium in 2005.  Tim will provide additional information in the future.

3.        Election of Officers: An election committee has been appointed for next year’s selection, they are Jack Cress, Bob Hawks, and Larry Elizondo.

4.        A motion was made and carried, that the club will not be participate in this year’s Tulsa State Fair or Octoberfest.


The next board meeting is scheduled for May 4th, at 7pm at Handyman Connection, 5401 So. Sheridan, Suite 301, Braniff Mart, Tulsa.

Meeting adjourned.



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