From the President June 2004

Did you enjoy the picnic?  Wasn’t the food good?  I have had many positive comments about the food and fellowship.  I think we have a good formula for the Annual Picnic and we are already planning 2005’s picnic.  Those of you that couldn’t make it missed an awesome time of good food and laughter.  We will announce next year’s date soon and get ready to mark your calendar. 

We had a smooth and productive June Board Meeting.  There were approximately 17 members there and we covered a vast range of topics.  We have agreed to have next year’s picnic catered and we discussed the success of the Blue Dome event.  It was a smashing success for the club and we are grateful for those who accepted responsibility for the event and made it a success.  While talking about the Blue Dome event we moved to the Brook Cherry Artzz event in September and the Open Bowl event in October.  Both will be opportunities for our members to show or sell their turnings.  The Open Bowl Contest is a fund raising function of the Tulsa Food Bank.  We will update you as that date draws near. 

We are still planning to build a large storage closet in the Handyman Connection facility to store our lathes and other club belongings.  Please contact Mike Mitchell if you can help him build the modular units Maurice Clyma has designed.  It will help us organize our supplies and make meeting set-up more convenient. 

We have a good slate of Monthly Club Meeting programs scheduled.  Larry Elizondo and Guy Timmons will be scheduling the next year soon.  If you have any preferences  or suggestions of topics and turners you would like to see, contact them.  They are committed to bringing us programs that will build our knowledge base and provide unforgettable experiences for each of us. 

Our membership continues to grow and we continue to get some of the area’s friendliest people.  Our club has exceeded 80 paid members!  We are so blessed to have a growing and thriving club.  See you at the next meeting on June 15, 2004, 6:30 at the Handyman Connection offices.  Check the web page if you need a map.  Turn Well—Lyle


From the President April 2004

Don’t you just love WOODTURNING?  I believe we are blessed with the greatest woodworking discipline and, more important, we are blessed with a tremendous club and membership! 

We had a great Board Meeting and continue to make progress on our projects.  Maurice drew-up a well thought-out plan to build a storage closet at our new meeting place.  He is very gifted and has shared his gift with our club.  We need help building the structure and Mike Mitchell has accepted responsibility to lead the project.  If he calls you or if you are interested in helping him, please contact him.  This will be the first time that we have storage designed specifically for our tools and equipment. 

Our calendar continues to develop so please stay tuned to the web page as we add new meetings and events.  I want to begin encouraging all of you to plan to attend our club picnic.  It will be a great time of fellowship with laughter and food.  Check the club calendar and MARK YOUR CALENDAR. 

Last month we introduced a committee that I implemented to identify and develop our plans for the future.  We called it our Strategy Committee.  Larry Elizondo agreed to lead that committee and he selected 5 members to help him.  Those who agreed to be on the committee are:  Almeda Robertson, Larry Anderson, Paul Nelson, Brian Harvey, and Ken Hagar.  I want to thank each of those members for agreeing to serve on a committee that will insure that we lead our club in a productive direction and, more importantly, with consideration for our membership. 

That committee conducted a survey and asked the membership 5 questions:

  1. Why are you a member of this club?
  2. What do you like about this club?
  3. What do you not like about this club?
  4. What improvements or changes would you like to suggest?
  5. Where do you see the club in 5 years?

They have compiled the results of that survey and they are very interesting.  The committee is already taking action to lead our club in the direction that our membership wants to see us go.  I am pleased that they have taken this survey and are working to meet the desires of our membership.  Additionally, this committee will be arranging for our involvement in the 2005 National AAW convention, scheduled to be in Kansas City. 

Also, it is time to elect new officers.  According to the By Laws, I am to appoint a committee to gather names for nominees.  Larry Elizondo, Bob Hawks, and Jack Cress will be working on this.  If you are interested in serving as a club officer, please contact them.  Like I said, stay tuned because there are a lot of meetings and events on the horizon. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your jigs and fixtures to the next meeting.

Turn Well—Lyle

From the President March 2004

We really have hit the deck running this year.  As I write this, I am putting up my notes from the March Board Meeting and getting ready to participate in the Alan Lacer Hands-On Clinic.  It is truly going to be an exciting and learning experience for me. 

We had a very smooth Board Meeting last night at Ken Hagar’s home.  I am grateful to the many members who offer their homes, lathes, and other resources for the club to use.  We have one of the best clubs in America!  My aim is to continue to lead our club and membership toward many great learning experiences and great fellowship. 

To best understand the value and strength of good clubs, I’d like to remind everyone that the Southwest Association of Turners (SWAT) formerly known as A Texas Turn or Two will be holding their 13th annual 2004 SWAT Symposium on October 1, 2, & 3, 2004 at the Mayborn Center in Temple TX.  There is a group from our club planning on attending; it would be nice to attend as an organized club.  The important note is to make your hotel reservations soon, as there are competing events for hotel resources.  Check their website at for further updates.  I’m certain it will be an educational and fun time for all.

 This month’s meeting will be on March 16th at the offices of Handyman Connection (5401 S Sheridan Rd. #301).  You may print a map to our new meeting place by clicking on the following link: Handyman Connection

The meeting will be a Show-N-Tell Meeting.  I want to encourage all turners to participate, ESPECIALLY turners that have less than 1 year’s experience.  We all enjoy seeing your work and (please) do not be shy.  This is a great opportunity to stand before the club and talk about your work.  Remember that all of you are “among family!”


On a more “long-term” note, I have established a Strategic Planning Committee.  The committee’s purpose is to identify “where we are today and where we are headed tomorrow!”  It is important for all organizations to stay focused on the things that are consistent with their overall direction.  We frequently encounter “distractions” that could easily be avoided if we had a clear view of our direction and how we intend to get there.  These items take a lot of time to discuss and re-discuss in the Board Meetings only to find out that the idea was not in the best interests of our club.  I have appointed Larry Elizondo to head this committee and he is going to get 4 other members to help develop a plan for the future.  He will make recommendations to the Board and we will take those recommendations and evaluate them according to whether they will be productive for our club.  He has asked for a little bit of time at the next meeting to get some information from our members.  The information he requests will help establish a starting point for this committee.  I understand that he intends to speak with the leadership of other successful clubs to find out what they are doing.  I am excited to see the results of their efforts.  Happy Turning—Lyle

From the President February 2004

Well folks the New Year is off to a great start!  We are positive that if you attended the Trent Bosch Club Demo or one of his Participation Clinic’s you had an opportunity to experience something different and may have even learned something new.  You heard us mention that we were planning for an exciting year for Woodturning in our club, well we are not kidding!  We have other learning opportunities in store for you this year. 

With the first demo/clinic behind us and the club’s business in full swing, I’d like to report that I am extremely pleased with the direction of our club.  Evidence of our club’s enthusiasm is apparent by the attendance at our Monthly Board Meetings.  Recent attendance is making it challenging to meet in most homes.  This is a good problem to have and, like every challenge we face, we are blessed with resources that address our needs. 

Recently I have had several members ask me if I would ask Larry Elizondo if we could have all of our meetings at his office.  (You will recall that we held the Trent Bosch Demonstration at his office.)  Most folk’s comments included convenience, safe parking, and comfortable surroundings.  This along with possible changes at the Ben Hill Recreation Center, and the possible need for more room at Board Meetings, I decided to make a proposal to Larry for using his business facilities for our Club Meetings, Club Demonstrations, and possibly some Board Meetings.  We drafted a proposal and I presented it to the Board.  The Board voted unanimously to change our meeting facilities as soon as we can ready the facilities for our meetings.  This is great because we will have the privilege of installing better lighting and semi-customize the facilities for our needs.  As always, stay tuned to the web page for club news and updates.  See you at the meeting (February 17th at Ben Hill Recreation Center) where we plan to have an informative demo by Wayne Furr (Central Oklahoma Woodturners Association—Oklahoma City).  

Happy Turning—Lyle


From the President August 2003  

We had 44 members at the August meeting. The turnout was very good. We had a business meeting that lasted longer and I will try to keep this to 30 minutes or less next time. We brought some ideas to the table on what we are going to try and get done for the next year; shop tours... hands-on Saturday schools for beginners & intermediate turners...going to a shop to watch one of the experienced turners demonstrate their specialty...bring in professional turners for one day individual classes and then an all day demo for the entire club on a Saturday...hands on demonstrations with 3 or 4 lathes...tool to identify different woods.

The fair is coming up in late September. We need turned items donated for the club to sell. They can be priced any where from $5.00 on up. The money from the sales will help the club pay for the fair expenses and any extra will go to pay for future club events. Please look around and bring something to our September meeting on the 16th.

We had more items in show and tell this month than we have had in the 2 1/2 years that I have belonged. I want to thank everyone for bringing their turning s and telling us about them. The items were interesting and shows we have a lot of talent in our club. Thanks again!

Our meeting in September will be a demo on how to make a 'sphere' by Oren Zehner, Larry Elizondo, and Tim Yoder.

Again, thanks for the show and tell and your suggestions. Hope to see you in September.

Lyle Dragoo

Webmaster note: Up until this year OktoberFest was our main fundraiser for the year. We have averaged $1,000 or better each year we participated. Due to the rowdy crowds and more than doubling of the booth fee we won't be taking part this year. This money has been vital in for the club in helping to bring in professional demonstrators, pay for our annual picnic and many other things. 

This year we are testing the waters at the Tulsa State Fair. We really need your help. There are  several shifts that need to be filled. This is easy work, if you can even call it work. You get to meet a lot of great people and possibly find us some new members. In addition to selling work for the club you get to turn as much as you want (to turn you must be a member of the American Association of Woodturners for insurance reasons). While you are working your shift you also may sell some of your work for yourself as it is only fair that if you put in the time for the club you get something back. 

The big thing we need is what Lyle mentioned above. We need items donated for the club to sell. Tops, boxes, pens, pencils, bowls, rolling pins, vases, boxes, weed pots, paperweights, anything you would like to make. Don't worry about your skill  level. Simple functional pieces sell the best. This is a great opportunity for the public to take home a handmade piece of art. 

Also don't forget the demonstration days, September 13 & 14, at Woodcraft at Highland Plaza 55511 W. 41st St. just across from Pets Mart. We will be represented with a turning demo. There will be many other woodworking demonstrations going on a the same time.

Breaking News!

There is a very exciting situation developing in the Tulsa arts community. There is a plan in the works to raise 6 million dollars to buy the Mathew's Building downtown (30,000+ square feet!) and create a multipurpose arts and crafts facility. Grants are in the works and $100,000 has been donated already. We will provide a display and possible demonstration on September 20th at the site along with several other local art groups to help kick off the campaign. Click here to read the proposal. 


From the President June 2003  

Aeolus 008d.jpg (57228 bytes)    Aeolus “King of Winds”   

This piece was one of the top sellers at the Taste of Perfection art sale sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association of Oklahoma May 9th. Aeolus sold for $3200. It is of walnut, 19”x101/2, turned and carved by Bill Evans.

Aeolus is now in the private collection of John O’Hurley  who also bought a Ron Fleming piece. John is well known as J. Peterman in the Seinfeld series. He currently is hosting Get Golf and To Tell The Truth, has appeared in countless movies, television series, and soaps. He also is known to travel and sing with a 60-piece orchestra. 

Webmaster note: Click here to read more about John.

  Bill Evans


From the President May 2003

“Taste of Perfection” Sale Report

On May 9th the Annual “Taste of Perfection” sale to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association of Oklahoma was held at the new Residents Hotel and Convention Center in Tulsa.  Thirty-four artists were invited to donate their work of which eight were woodturners from our club.  The total sale from our eight members was nearly $7000 compared to nearly $3500last year from four members participating.  That’s an average of nearly $900 per turner over the two-year period we’ve been invited to participate.  Some sold for more and some for less but as a team we say congratulations.  Artists were given the option of retaining forty percent of the sale price.

 Donating our work to charity in the form of a fund raising benefit is an admirable thing. Not only do we get exposure and recognition for our club and ourselves but we’ve helped the greater cause, in this case, the Alzheimer patient. If you have had a case of Alzheimer hit close to home you know all too well what I mean.

                                                                        Bill Evans


From the President April 2003

While the club is closing in on the end of the fiscal year there are several exciting events coming up yet this calendar year of 2003. Our membership, treasury and attendance at club meetings have increased dramatically which is a good indication we must be doing something right. Two of these events will be first for the club.

The carvers have organized an event, “Wonderful World of Wood”, to be held at the fair grounds July 18-20. Our club will have a booth for display and information about our club. Club individuals are also invited to purchase a booth to display, sell, compete or all the above. This event takes the place of the Promenade Mall event also but on by the carvers.

In September we are hoping to improve our participation at the Tulsa State Fair. In the past we haven’t taken advantage of this event. One thing you can count on at the Fair is exposure. There is also a judged competition if you wish to participate in.

In October we once again have the OktoberFest. This is our biggest money-raising event of the year. Last year the club took in nearly $1,000 thanks to a few dedicated members.

In November our first Woodturners Challenge is being planned. The date and location is yet to be set. This event is designed to be as much a fun event as an exposure and sells event. Invitations will be mailed from a list comprised of people from the art world and interior decorators to a wine and cheese party and showing of our work. We will also have a judged competition. We’re hoping to get as much promotion for this as possible.

More on these events will be available in future articles. In the meantime this gives us even more incentive to get in our shop and turn that masterpiece we’ve been dreaming of doing.

                                                                                                                        Bill Evans




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